Charter of BoC and BoD

Charter of BoC and BoD


Board of Commissioners 


The Board of Commissioners (“BoC”) serves as the Company’s overall supervisory and oversight body whose members are appointed by, and are directly responsible to the Company’s shareholders. In addition to its oversight and supervisory function, the BoC also provides advice to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Commissioners provides the Company with valuable experience, expertise, and relationships needed to ensure effective oversight such that the Company operates in accordance with its prescribed vision and mission.

In accordance with prevailing regulatory requirements sound corporate governance practices, some members of the BoC are Independent Commissioners. The Company’s current Independent Commissioners, represented by Herry Tjahjana and Wahyuni Bahar, are Board members that do not have any relationship, either in the form of financial, management, shares and or family relations, with another member of the BoC and/or the controlling shareholder that may affect their capacity to act independently. Their presence and contribution to the BoC ensures objectivity and access to vital and updated information required for its supervisory and oversight functions.

The composition of the BoC as of the December 31, 2019:

NamePositionEffective SinceTerm Ends On
Edwin SoeryadjayaPresident Commissioner2015 GMS2020 GMS 
Winato KartonoCommissioner2015 GMS2020 GMS
Herry TjahjanaIndependent Commissioner2015 GMS2020 GMS
Wahyuni BaharIndependent Commissioner2015 GMS2020 GMS

Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors (“BoD”) is mandated by the shareholders to manage the day-to-day affairs of the Company. Each member of the Board of Directors is personally, as well as collectively, responsible for the Company’s overall performance.

Members of the BoD are appointed by Shareholders at the AGMS. The Company’s BoD currently comprises 5 (five) members, of which one member servces as the President Director, one member is the Vice President Director, two members serve in the capacity as Directors, and one member as Independent Director. All of the BoD members were chosen by shareholders for their specific knowledge, expertise, and experience. In line with good corporate governance standards, Tower Bersama Group’s BoD composition seeks to represent the interests of all its stakeholders, including minority interests through the appointment of an Independent Director to the Board, who is currently represented by Gusandi Sjamsudin.

The composition of the BoD as of December 31, 2019:

NamePositionEffective SinceTerm Ends On
Herman Setya BudiPresident Director / COO2015 GMS2020 GMS 
Hardi Wijaya LiongVice President Director / CEO2015 GMS2020 GMS
Budianto PurwahjoDirector2015 GMS2020 GMS
Helmy Yusman SantosoDirector / CFO2015 GMS2020 GMS
Gusandi SjamsudinIndependent Director2015 GMS2020 GMS


The Charter of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors of the Company are as below:

Charter of BOC Charter of BOD