Corporate Governance Charter

Corporate Governance Charter

The Tower Bersama Group is fully committed to upholding Good Corporate Governance (“GCG”) policies and practices in accordance with prevailing regulations and standards as well as international best practices.

The Company’s Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors are focused on applying the principles of fairness, transparency, accountability, and responsibility in our business and our relationships with all stakeholders. We believe Good Corporate Governance promotes longterm interests of shareholders, strengthens the Board and improves management accountability.

We are committed to treating all our shareholders fairly and equally and acting at all times with the utmost transparency and integrity. We have in place policies and processes to balance the interest of all stakeholders, including our shareholders, customers, suppliers, financiers, the government, and community. We want to establish, implement and uphold industry-leading business practices in the pursuit of the maximization of shareholder value and customer satisfaction.

We regularly monitor our policies and practices to ensure compliance with all prevailing GCG regulations and standards as required by the Financial Services Authority (“OJK”) and the Indonesia Stock Exchange (“IDX”). GCG principles are applied throughout the organization through formalized and enhanced mechanisms and tools. These include the Board of Commissioners Charter, the Board of Directors Charter, the Corporate Governance Charter, the Nomination and Remuneration Charter, and an enhanced Standard Operating Procedures.

Our Corporate Governance structure is designed to provide checks and balances while providing management the flexibility to effectively lead and operate the business. Our corporate governance structure primarily consists of:

• General Meeting of Shareholders (“GMS”)

• Board of Commissioners (“BoC”)

• Board of Directors (“BoD”)


In addition to this, there are three additional bodies that perform key oversight and reporting functions:

• Audit Committee

• Internal Audit

• Corporate Secretary


Currently, the Board of Commissioners is also responsible for nomination and remuneration.

TBIG Corporate Governance Charter