Bond Information

Bond Information

DescriptionIssue DateMaturity Date TenorAmount  Coupon

2022 USD Bonds

10 Feb 201510 Feb 20227 year USD 350 million5.25%
Continuous Bonds II Phase I1 July 20161 July 20215 yearIDR 230 billion9.25%
Continuous Bonds II Phase II21 Apr 201721 Apr 2020 3 yearIDR 700 billion8.75%
Continuous Bonds II Phase III19 Sep 201719 Sep 20203 yearIDR 700 billion8.40%
Continuous Bonds III Phase I5 July 20185 July 20213 yearIDR 608 billion8.50%
Continuous Bonds III Phase II18 Oct 201828 Oct 20191 yearIDR 628 billion8.50%
2022 USD Bonds
Issue Date10 Feb 2015
Maturity Date10 Feb 2022
Tenor7 years
AmountUSD 350 million
Continuous Bonds II Phase I
Issue Date1 July 2016
Maturity Date1 July 2021
Tenor5 years
AmountIDR 230 billion
Continuous Bonds II Phase II
Issue Date21 Apr 2017
Maturity Date21 Apr 2020 
Tenor3 years
AmountIDR 700 billion


Continuous Bonds II Phase III
Issue Date19 Sep 2017
Maturity Date19 Sep 2020
Tenor3 years
AmountIDR 700 billion


Continuous Bonds III Phase I
Issue Date5 July 2018
Maturity Date5 July 2021
Tenor3 years
AmountIDR 608 billion


Continuous Bonds III Phase II
Issue Date18 Oct 2018
Matuirity Date28 Oct 2019
Tenor1 year
AmountIDR 628 billion


  • We have hedged our USD Loans and Bonds using hedging instruments with further protection from long-term contracted USD revenue.
  • All of our Loan and Bond covenants are calculated using Debt (hedged basis) which values USD Debt at their hedged exchange rate.

As of December 31, 2018, the Company received the following ratings:

  1. Corporate Credit Rating at ‘BB-/Stable’ and Long-Term Issue Rating on the Company’s guaranteed senior unsecured notes at ‘BB-‘ from Standard and Poor’s.
  2. Long-Term Foreign and Local Currency Issuer Default Ratings at ‘BB-/Stable’, National Long-Term Rating at ‘AA-(idn)/Stable’, National Senior Unsecured Rating at ‘AA-(idn)’, Foreign Currency Senior Unsecured Rating at ‘BB-’, IDR5trn Bond Program and Issues under the Program at ‘AA-(idn)’ from Fitch Ratings.