Acquisition Announcement PT Visi Telekomunikasi Infrastruktur Tbk (GOLD)

Posted on 18th December 2018

On the date of this Acquisition Announcement, PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk (“The Company”) has own shares of PT Visi Telekomunikasi Infrastruktur Tbk (“GOLD”) in the amount of 160,446,200 (one hundred sixty million four hundred forty six thousand two hundred) shares representing 51% (fifty one percent) of entire issued and paid-in capital of GOLD.

Therefore, with the Company’s ownership of 51% (fifty one percent) of issued and paid-up capital of GOLD, as of December 17, 2018, the Company became the Controller as defined in Article 1 paragraph 4 of Financial Service Authority Regulation No. 9/POJK.04/2018 on Takeover of a Public Company.