PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk (TBIG) Announces Its Full Year 2012 Financial Performance

PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk (TBIG) Announces Its Full Year 2012 Financial Performance

Posted on 20th February 2013

Jakarta, 20 February 2013 - PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk ("TBIG") today released audited financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2012.

Financial Highlights and Operational Indicators
TBIG generated revenue and EBITDA amounting to Rp1,715 billion and Rp1,398 billion, respectively, for the full year ending 31 December 2012. This represents a 77% increase in revenue and an 83% increase in EBITDA versus the comparable twelve month period of 2011. The Company’s EBITDA margins improved to 81.5% at the end of 2012 versus 78.7% at the end of 2011.Using the annualized 4th quarter 2012 results, total annualized revenue reached Rp2,309 billion, and annualized EBITDA reached Rp1,911 billion.

As of 31December 2012,TBIG had13,708 tenants and 8,439 telecommunication sites. The Company’s telecommunication sites comprised 7,055 telecommunication towers, 1,040 shelter-only sites, and 344 DAS networks. With total tower tenants amounting to 12,324, the Company’s tenancy ratio was 1.75.

Net senior debt as of 31 December 2012 was approximately Rp7,361 billion. By annualizing the 4th quarter 2012 EBITDA, our net senior debt to EBITDA ratio was 3.85x at the end of 2012. Under the debt programme, the net senior debt to EBITDA covenant is 4.5x, which is calculated by annualizing the latest month’s EBITDA. This leaves the Company significant room for additional senior debt for organic and inorganic growth.

“We are delighted to announce another year of strong financial and operational results. For the full year ending 2012, our tenancies increased by 6,706 tenancies, split equally between organic orders and the Indosat tower acquisition, which closed in August 2012. We now have 8,439 telecommunication sites in our portfolio, a 73% increase since the end of 2011. And despite this significant growth in telecommunication sites, our tenancy ratio has improved from 1.63 in 2011 to 1.75 at the end of 2012”, said Hardi Wijaya Liong, CEO of TBIG.

“We are focused on the timely execution of build-to-suit tower and collocation orders from our telecommunication customers, and remain committed to providing excellent customer service”, Hardi added.



About PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk:

PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk (“TBIG”), is a provider of telecommunications infrastructure for the placement of BTS by telecommunications operators in Indonesia.

As of 31 December 2012, TBIG owns and operates 8,439 telecommunication sites serving 13,708 tenants.

TBIG is publicly listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange and is majority owned by Saratoga Capital and Provident Capital.