Purworejo Regency Government Visited 'Koperasi Binaan Tower Bersama'

Purworejo Regency Government Visited 'Koperasi Binaan Tower Bersama'

Posted on 17th July 2019

Jakarta - The Small and Medium Enterprises (“SME”) Cooperative of Purworejo Regency conducted a comparative study to Koperasi Binaan Tower Bersama (“KBB”) on 15-16 July. According to the study’s results, the SME Cooperative plans to send five SME’s practitioners from Purworejo for internship program in Koperasi Binaan Tower Bersama in 2020.

An official letter conveyed by the Acting Head of the Purworejo Regency’s SME Cooperative Service Office stated that the SME Internship program aims to increase knowledge, insight, and skills related to the One Village One Product (OVOP) program run by Purworejo District Government to advance SME in the district. The program scheduled for seven days will be attended by 5 representatives from SMEs. KBB has the opportunity to become one of the candidates for the implementation of the SME internship activities.

Chief of Business Support Officer PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk (“TBIG”), Lie Si An, said “As an established Cooperative, KBB is expected to be able to give the best benefit to the stakeholders in its area of operation.” Furthermore he explained that KBB should be able to support the government to improve the quality of micro business practitioners.

President Director of TBIG welcomes the comparative study, “We appreciate the development programs for micro business, especially the ones conducted by Cooperative. The programs will give direct impact to the grass-root community.”

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