Rumah Batik TBIG Receives Visit from MRUF ENVOY Students and Alumni

Rumah Batik TBIG Receives Visit from MRUF ENVOY Students and Alumni

Posted on 26th October 2016

“PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk. (“TBIG”) commits to participate in creative industry training program. Together with MRUF ENVOY and Koperasi Bangun Bersama, TBIG actively takes part to support young entrepreneurship development program”

PEKALONGAN, 26 October 2016 – Engagement becomes the key in implementing TBIG’s CSR; that is why TBIG facilitates students from MRUF ENVOY (Mien R Uno Foundation Entrepreneur Devepelopment Scholarship for Youth), TBIG Scholarship recipients and alumni of the program to directly see the activities of Rumah Batik TBIG and Koperasi Bangun Bersama as TBIG’s CSR program to empower and develop people in culture-based and creative industry.

Through the visit, the program participants could learn and share knowledge with Koperasi Bangun Bersama and Rumah Batik TBIG to increase their knowledge and useful insights for their self-development. The visit is expected to provide better understanding for MRUF ENVOY participants on the potency owned by SME from Koperasi Bangun Bersama.

TBIG has participated in MRUF ENVOY program to target students who currently start and develop their own business. Not only receive scholarship to continue their study, the MRUF ENVOY beneficiaries also accept several entrepreneurship development facilities to increase their business scale. The facilities provided such as training and coaching as the core activities, and other activities that include consultation, exhibition facilitating and company visit.

“One of our objectives is to create synergy between MRUF ENVOY students and SME trained by Koperasi Bangun Bersama so they could work together and generate better profit in the future,” said Suryani Indahsari, MRUF Executive Director.

The visit to Rumah Batik TBIG in Pekalongan was conducted on 26 October 2016 and involved 10 students and alumni of MRUF ENVOY from Yogyakarta Region. The participants are the entrepreneurship beneficiaries of MRUF ENVOY VIII period of September 2016 – August 2017 who are currently taking Bachelor degree in various studies. The majority of participants come from low-income family who already started micro scale business for at least six months. TBIG also gives scholarships to seven (7) students in MRUF ENVOY VII and VIII.

During the visit in Rumah Batik TBIG, the participants were introduced with several activities including empowerment process for the craftsmen. The participants also had the opportunity to discuss with the craftsmen in Rumah Batik TBIG.

As explained by the President Director of PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk., Herman Setya Budi on previous occasion, “Rumah Batik TBIG and Koperasi Bangun Bersama aim to develop and empower micro scale-batik artisans so they could can grow and thrive. Rumah Batik TBIG also seeks to build entrepreneurial spirit of the people and the younger generations who have micro businesses through Koperasi Bangun Bersama.”

Rumah Batik TBIG and Koperasi Bangun Bersama are one one of the four CSR programs from PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk. that consists of Bangun Budaya Bersama (cultural activities), Bangun Sehat Bersama (health activities), Bangun Cerdas Bersama (education activities) and Bangun Hijau Bersama (environment conservation).


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