TBIG and PMI Commit In Collaboration Optimizing CSR and Social Act

TBIG and PMI Commit In Collaboration Optimizing CSR and Social Act

Posted on 12th April 2015

Jakarta, 12 April 2015PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk (TBIG) in collaboration with Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) collaborate in optimizing the CSR programs and joint social action, especially in the health field. This collaboration manifested through the action of Mobil Kesehatan TBIG to beneficiaries as well as the commitment of blood donation every 6 months. The event was attended by the President Commissioner TBiG Edwin Soeryadjaya, Herman Setya Budi as President Director TBIG, as well as Ginanjar Kartasasmita as Pejabat Laksana Harian Ketua Umum PMI, located in building courtyard of the International Financial Center Building Jl. Sudirman Kav 22-23, Jakarta, in conjunction with the implementation of TBIG Health Day 2015 event.

Herman Setya Budi as President Director TBIG said, "Mobil Kesehatan TBIG serving healthcare in remote areas are spread across 6 cities in Indonesia, such as Central Java, East Java, West Java, Medan, Lampung, Yogyakarta. We want to outspread our commitment in community health. "

TBIG have dedicated one Mobil Kesehatan Keliling TBiG  for Bhakti Kesra Nusantara (Bhakesra) to serve remote islands in Indonesia in collaboration with Kemenkokesra. "We hope this partnership with PMI will add Mobil Kesehatan TBiG service coverage." Added Herman Setya Budi.

The signing of this agreement made in conjunction with the TBIG Health Day 2015. This event is a part of CSR programs in health sector called Bangun Sehat Bersama, as well as the commemoration of World Health Day which falls in April 2015. The event was attended by 1300 participants, of internal employees and business partners such as vendors, operators, and media to follow the fun run, fun walk, and fun bike across Car Free Day area. In addition, these activities also include free health checks such as uric acid, blood sugar, and cholesterol, also ultrasound medical checks on the Mobil Kesehatan TBIG for participants, as well as blood donors with PMI for 100 donors.