Tower Bersama Group Expands Its CSR Outreach To Kalimantan

Tower Bersama Group Expands Its CSR Outreach To Kalimantan

Posted on 5th May 2017

The permanent placement of TBIG Monik in Kalimantan extends the reach of CSR services to 16 provinces in Indonesia

Balik Papan, 5 May 2017 - PT. Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Tbk. ("TBIG") inaugurated the operation of TBIG Mobile Clinic ("Monik TBIG") in Kalimantan to help improve access to quality health care for communities in areas far from health care facilities.

The inauguration of the operation of Monik TBIG for Kalimantan area was conducted by Chief of Business Support Officer of TBIG Lie Si An and witnessed by community leaders and local District Head in the yard of Jamiatul Islam Mosque, Manggar Baru urban village; a coastal area in East Balikpapan District. The action was warmly welcomed by many residents who since morning gathered in the yard of the mosque.

"The permanent placement of Monik TBIG unit in Kalimantan is part of the expansion of the company’s  CSR program." said Lie Si An, adding that, in its operation, Monik TBIG will cover Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Pontianak, Berau and some areas of Makassar in South Sulawesi.

"Learning from last year's experience, where Monik TBIG service received positive response from the community, we decided to expand our service coverage from six provinces in 2016 to 16 provinces in 2017," he further explained. He also explained that TBIG employees who are associated with operations in regional offices are required to attend any CSR activities conducted by the company. "We want employees to be actively involved in TBIG's CSR programs. We hope through this activity will encourage a sense of concern for the social environment in which they are," he said. Employee involvement, according to him, will foster a sense of belonging to the company's social initiatives.

Village Chief of Manggar Baru Pratama, Imam Ghozali, during the launch event stated that the presence of Monik TBIG in its area is very helpful to the majority of fishermen. He explained that TBIG's CSR health program is in line with the policy of Balikpapan Municipal Government which is actively improving the quality of public health.


Lie Si An further explained that TBIG's CSR activity is a function that is inherent in every work unit in the company. "Business organizations need to seriously think more about social responsibility in their operations. We are trying to build an operational culture that has a better understanding of social responsibility, "he explained. According to him any business decisions taken by a company's organization will have a certain impact on the surrounding environment, including the community. "It is only natural that, the company began to develop initiatives that could bring sustainable impacts to the people of Indonesia," he continued.

Saat ini TBIG mengoperasikan Mobil Klinik yang mampu menjangkau wilayah-wilayah di 16 propinsi. Dalam implementasi program ini TBiG menggandeng Rumah Zakat sebagai mitra implementasi dengan berkolaborasi dengan kantor-kantor Regional TBIG diberbagai wilayah Indonesia.  Currently TBIG operates Mobile clinics to reach areas in 16 provinces. In the implementation of this program TBIG has partnership with Rumah Zakat as an implementation partner by collaborating with TBIG Regional Offices in various parts of Indonesia.


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