Tower Bersama Group Hands Over Foods and Healthcare Aids to Landslide Victims in Brebes

Tower Bersama Group Hands Over Foods and Healthcare Aids to Landslide Victims in Brebes

Posted on 9th March 2018

Not less than 200 people in Rajawetan village, Tojong sub-district, Brebes who were impacted by landslide few days ago received medical and food aids from Tower Bersama Group for two days.


Jakarta, 9 March 2018 - A series of floods and landslides affecting various regions in Indonesia bring both moral and material concerns to some people. In order to help alleviate the perceived impacts, PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Tbk (“TBIG”) hands over food and medical aid to various points in Central Java and Jakarta.

Following Tegal and Jakarta, Brebes also received aids on 7 and 8 March 2018. About 200 residents of Rajawetan village in Tonjong sub-districts, Brebes who were impacted by the landslide received medical and food aid. Medical supports were provided through a mobile clinic manned by doctor and medics team who performed health examinations, medications and metabolic tests. Besides that, the residents also received foods packages such as rice, eggs and other packed foods. This activity was attended by TBIG regional office team.

TBIG Chief of Business Support Lie Si An explained that the company is alerting three units of mobile clinic to anticipate weather condition during this rainy season. “We have prepared the aids since last week. Unfortunately due the broken access, we could only deliver last Thursday and Friday,” he added. Furthermore, he explained that TBIG mobile clinic (“Monik TBIG”) is indeed enabled to assist disaster recovery activities.

Meanwhile the President Director of PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Tbk. Herman Setya Budi hopes this activity could alleviate the burden of the people affected by the disaster. “Our regional offices are always monitoring the social conditions in their respective operational areas in order to provide the proper and quick response in helping people deal with extraordinary conditions of natural disasters” he explained.

PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Tbk operates six units of Monik TBIG to provide access to better quality of health services to the community. Monik TBIG is also designed to provide disaster relief assistance in various parts of Indonesia. In its operation TBIG cooperates with Rumah Zakat.


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