Tower Bersama Launches Carbon Footprint Reduction Program

Tower Bersama Launches Carbon Footprint Reduction Program

Posted on 21st September 2018

Pekalongan, 21 September 2018 - PT. Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Tbk. (“TBIG”) launches a program to reduce carbon footprint in Petung Kriyono forest, Pekalongan – Central Java. The program is called “TBIG Heart” – an environmental CSR program of the company that involves its employees in tree planting activity. In addition to contribute in improving the environment’s quality, this program is also intended to build and strengthen employees’ involvement in the company’s CSR activities as the emplementation of Corporate Share Value run by TBIG.

As an initial stage, 311 trees were planted, consisting of quinine, resin and bamboo. The trees planted are obtained from employee donations and company funds. There were 35 employees donated their Knowledge Management points (KM Points) to be exchanged for various types of trees selected by TBIG CSR Department based on the criteria of the benefits of these plants for the natural and social environment. Considering the planting area is also located not far from the residential area.

The planting was carried out by the employee who donate their points and witnessed by Lie Si An – Chief Directorate of Business Support, Tajudin – Head of Corporate Services, Dina P. Adiana - Head of Talent and Organization Development Department. After the planting was completed, the participants were invited to enjoy a tour package called “Wisata Alam Budaya TBIG”, organized by Koperasi Bangun Bersama (“KBB”) that assists batik SME in Pekalongan and Central Java regions.

During the tour, participant enjoyed several natural attractions such as trekking to Bajing waterfall, local cullinary tasting and batik creation at Rumah Batik TBIG and other educational tours on creative economy development carried out by TBIG CSR. This program is planned to be a routing program that will be implemented every year.

Herman Setya Budi, the President Director of PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Tbk. said that the carbon footprint reduction program is conducted with the involvement of employees as the form of company’s attention to its sustainable operations. “In the implementation of value-based CSR, we emphasize the importance of implementing Corporate Share Value to ensure we meet the needs of our internal and external stakeholders,” he explained. Furthermore, Herman said that TBIG CSR is directed to become part of the company’s organization. “For us, social responsibility is something embedded in every work unit,” he explained.


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PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk (“TBIG”) is a provider of telecommunications infrastructure for the placement of BTS by telecommunications operators in Indonesia. TBIG is publicly listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange and is majority owned by Saratoga Group and Provident Capital.

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