Tower Bersama Wins MAKE Study Award 2016

Tower Bersama Wins MAKE Study Award 2016

Posted on 16th September 2016

Jakarta, 14 September 2016 – The same with previous year, PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk (TBIG) has succeeded to maintain its position in the Indonesia Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Study Award 2016. This year, TBIG managed to achieve 2 awards: Indonesian MAKE Winner 2016 and Special Recognition for Incremental Improvement as evidence of its strong commitment to continuously innovate the Knowledge Management within the company. 

Knowledge Management (KM) is a systematic effort on creating and managing knowledge and information to be able to grow, flow and create values within an organization. Through adequate KM implementation, the right knowledge can reach the right employees in need to support them to work optimally or make improvements. In order to deliver maximum impact, Knowledge Management should be part of the system, process, and strategy of an organization.

TBIG has a strong commitment to push the implementation of Knowledge Management within the internal organization. This is shown in a set of well-planned and scheduled programs and categorized into 3 different activities: Knowledge Sharing (KnowS) – a monthly sharing session, Community of Practice (CoP) that focus on collaboration process between employees who have similar interests to exchange ideas, finding solutions and discovering innovation, and the last activity is Sharing After Learning Activity (SALT) for employees who joined training or workshop and would like to share the knowledge with his internal team members.

The event which was held on 14th September 2016 in Financial Hall, Graha Niaga was the culminating event from the series of qualification process since March 2016 where panelists and public from industrial experts and academics nominated 41 prominent companies by measuring their commitment level and the maturity of knowledge-based organizations/companies in implementing Knowledge Management.

About MAKE Study

MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) Study was first conducted in 1998 by Teleos in cooperation with KNOW Network. Teleos is an independent research body in knowledge management and intellectual capital. Indonesian Most Admired Knowledge (MAKE) Study is a study on the most admired knowledge-based companies in Indonesia and carried out by Dunamis Organization Services since 2005.



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PT. Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Tbk. (“TBIG”) is a provider of telecommunication infrastructure for the placement of BTS by telecommunications operators in Indonesia. TBIG is publicly listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEJ) and owned by Saratoga Group and Provident Capital.

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