Tower Bersama Helps Flood Victims in Padang

No fewer than 117 residents of nagari Pangkalan, Pangkalan Koto Baru districts receive free health services through Mobile Clinic TBIG as a form of corporate concern over the floods and landslides that struck the residents in the area.


Pangkalan Koto Baru, West Sumatra, March 14, 2017 – disaster response teams of PT. Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Tbk. (“TBIG”) return to the disaster areas to help ease the burden of the victims of natural disaster. This time residents who were affected by floods and landslides in West Sumatera receive health care assistance from disaster response teams TBIG.

No fewer than 117 residents of nagari Pangkalan, Pangkalan Koto Baru districts in Lima Puluh Kota regency receive free health care assistance, the assistance provided through the Mobile Clinic (“Monik”) TBIG held in Musholla Anshor, Jorong Pasar Usang.

Herman Setya Budi, President Director of PT. Tower Bersama Infrastructure, Tbk. said the action of the public service in the operational area of TBIG is a form of corporate concern to the community. “Through CSR Programs, we encourage all levels of management in the company to proactively help the affected community, “he explained. Herman added that Monik TBIG is very experienced to provide health assistance after natural disaster. “When the earthquake happened in Pidie, or major flooding in Bima NTB  and Bandung occurred, Monik TBIG were there to provide assistance, “ he said while expressing his concern over the various disasters that occur.

TBIG Regional Manager of Central Sumatra, Ismet explains that the action is conducted after field monitoring done by TBIG Sumbagteng regional office. “Alhamdullilah activities run smoothly and people can receive health services assistance they need,” he explained.

Information from BPBD West Sumatra, landslides occurred at three points in Nagari Koto Alam District of Pangkalan, the road to the district Maek Bukit Barisan and in Jorong Air Putih.

While flooding occurred at several places such as in Jorong Sopang, Pangkalan Koto Baru, Nagari Gunuang Malintang, Kapur IX district, Limbanang Baruah, Nagari Mungka, Nagari Subarang  Air, Taram Nagari, Nagari Batu Balang and Jorong Buluh Kasok Nagari Sarilamakra.


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