Board of Commissioners (BoC)

The second highest organ within the Company is the Board of Commissioners (BoC). The BoC serves as the Company’s overall supervisory and oversight body whose members are appointed and are directly responsible to the Shareholders. In addition to its oversight and supervisory function, the BoC also provides advice to the Board of Directors.

The composition of members to the Board are as follows:

Name Position    Effective Since       Term Ends On   
Edwin Soeryadjaya    President Commissioner 2010 AGSM 2015 AGSM
Winato Kartono Commissioner 2010 AGSM 2015 AGSM
Mustofa Independent Commissioner    2010 AGSM 2015 AGSM
Herry Tjahjana Independent Commissioner 2010 AGSM 2015 AGSM
Wahyuni Bahar Independent Commissioner 2012 EGSM 2015 AGSM