Excavation Work

1.      PPE Use Provisions

        -  Ground work safety helmet.

        -  Mask.

        -  Work wear.

        -  Gloves.

        -  Safety shoes.

2.     Provisions on Excavation Work Tools & Excavation

        -  Ensuring that all excavation tools and equipment is well provided and functioned.

        -  Providing tarpaulin as roof, and therefore worker is not directly exposed by the sun.      

3.     Provisions on Excavation Work Process

        -  Before excavation work

           a.  Soil condition must be evaluated in order to determine the suitable safety system in accordance with excavation, soil and ground water type.
           b.  Determining safety system in accordance with the needs in order to avoid landslide.

        -  Excavation Hole/Trench

           a.  Excavation surroundings area must be covered or marked by warning signs, guardrail or other barrier in order to avoid people falling to the excavation hole.
           b.  In the event that any vehicles or heavy equipments are going back and forth near excavation hole or trench area, and therefore the excavation hole edge must be supported or strengthened to hold load pressure. If necessary, put the retaining block or barrier block at the excavation or trench edge, and therefore the vehicles or heavy equipments are not fallen.
           c.  Excavation hole must be flat/it’s edges must be straight, perpendicular, and horizontal
           d.  Providing safe road for excavation or trench in and out.

        -  Stack

           a.  Stack must be organized, and therefore it is not easily re-slided to excavation or trench hole. 
           b.  Stack must be flattened with trapezoidal form, and therefore inspection shall be asily exacuted on it.
           c.  Excavation material and equipment stack must be organized within at least 1 m distance from excavation.
           d.  In the event that the field condition is not possible for 1 m distance from excavation, excavation material must be temporarily moved to other location.
           e.  If necessary, use retainer such as railing which height is more than excavation surface in order to avoid excavation equipment and material to fall to the excavation.
           f.  Any subjects or materials must be placed at 1.5 m distance or more from excavation edge in order to ensure that the subjects or materials are not falling to the excavation hole.
           g.  In the event that the excavation land remnants must be disposed, ensure that there is no soil and dust spills during transportation to disposal place.

4.     Other Provisions

        -  Prior to excavation work, identification on underground utility circuits (grounding, electricity, communication cables) must be executed.

        -  To control utility handling by coordinating with TBiG.