Electricity Work

1.     Provisions on PPE Use

        -  Ground work safety helmet.

        -  Gloves.

        -  Safety shoes.

2.      Provisions on Tools & Equipment for Electricity Work

        -  Ensuring that all electricity equipment are in good condition (insulator & electricity wires).

        -  Ensuring that grounding is well installed.

        -  Electricity equipment can not be used in wet condition.

        -  It is prohibited to directly plug in cable to power source.

        -  If the fuse is disconnected or the swicth is down, ensure the cause and follow up before the electricity power is turned on.

        -  Extension cable or cord use is only allowed for temporary activities.

        -  Extension cable or cord use must be directly from electricity power without any other joint and only one joint point.

        -  Extension cable capacity must be in accordance with equipment use. If you unplug, plug out the head not the cable.

        -  Using material which have product certification (SPLN, SNI, etc) for repair.

3.     Provisions on Electricity Work Process

       -  Electricity equipment repair

          a.  Ensuring that the electricity is disconnected before the repair.
          b.  Giving identification with warning signs on power source and lock the power source which has been shutted down.
          c.  Ensuring that the work area is clean and dry.
          d.  Ensuring that the cable and its circuit are in good and safe condition (visual & electrical test) before electrical current is operated.
          e.  Cover to close electrical circuits must be returned to early/actual condition before testing.
          f.  Do not make any repair when electrical current is flowing or equipment is functioned.
          g.  Executing periodic checks to electricity repair equipment

       -  Electricity Network Connection and Repair

          a.  Disconnecting main electricity current.
          b.  Providing identification with warning signs at power source and key at main power sources which has been shutted down.
          c.  Ensuring that the repair equipment is in good condition.

4.     Other Provisions

       -  Protecting and identifying electricity distribution point.

       -  Ensuring that cable circuit is safe from misuse and other hazard possibilities.

       -  Ensuring that cable circuit to work point is installed with additional insulation (pipe).

       -  In the event that generator set (genset) is used as power source, and therefore generator set must have sound and disposal gas emission barrier in accordance with the effective government regulation.