Work At High

1.     Provisions on PPE Use

        -  Safety helmet for upper work.

        -  Safety goggles.

        -  Long sleeves work wear.

        -  Gloves.

        -  Safety shoes.

        -  Body harness.

        -  Double Shock Lanyard, at the minimum.

2.     Provisions on Tools & Equipment for Work at Height

        -  If using folding stairs, ensure that the chair is in good condition.

3.     Provisions on Work Process at Height

        -  Preparation

          a.  Checking work safety equipment in accordance with provisions.
          b.  Setting work safety equipment in accordance with attachment of work safety equipment setting procedure.
          c.  Executing body strecthing before climbing.

        -  Climbing Process

          a.  If using chairs, set the chair position at the flat surface.
          b.  Ensuring that your hands do not carry anything during climbing. If you must carry any tools during climbing, use supporting tools such as bag for carrying the tools.
          c.  Putting the snap hook (right-left) at the nearest horizontal section with our head.
          d.  Putting our right foot to horizontal section, and then continue with our left foot.
          e.  Pulling out right snap hook and putting it at the next horizontal section, and then pulling out the left snap hook and putting it at horizontal section.
          f.  Continuously executing those until you are arrived at the destined height.
4.     Other Provisions

        -  Work at the height is not allowed to be executed alone.

        -  Supervisor must ensure that the worker/climber is in good and healthy condition.

        -  Worker/climber has been participated in work at height training given by experts or superior having tower climbing certificate.

        -  Ensuring that the worker/climber acknowledges and understands RF radiation.

        -  Ensuring that the weather is fine during work at height. If it is raining, work at height shall be prohibited.

        -  Ensuring that the condition within site area is free of animal disturbance such as bees, birds, etc.

        -  Ensuring that building/tower/pole structure to climb is in good condition.

        -  If using folding stairs, do not exceed safe borders or last stairs as the step in working.