Welding Work

1.     Provisions on PPE Use

        Ensuring that the following PPE are used :

        - Ground work safety helmet.

        - Welding goggles.

        - Welding mask.

        - Work wear.

        - Welding gloves.

        - Safety shoes.

2.     Provisions on Welding Equipment

        Ensuring that the following welding equipment are in accordance with HSE standard :

        - Cable or hose is not leaked.

        - Grounding is well functioned (for electricity welding).

        - Valid period for tube power remains active.

        - Tube valve is well functioned and completed by flashback arrestor.

3.     Provisions on  Welding Process

        Ensuring that welding activities comply with HSE standard :

        - Turning off welding equipment when it is not used and close the valve (tube valve).

        - Ensuring flashback arrestor use during welding process.

        - Electricity Welding:

          a. Do not cool electrodes handle by plunging to the water.
          b. Release electricity well electrode from its handle and keep electrode handle in safe place for avoiding possibilities of broken electrode cover.

        - Ensuring that the object to be welded has been isolated for avoiding conduction from the heat.

        - Ensuring that cables for welding and cut with electricity arch must be well isolated.

        - Provide warning signs/put the welded material away for avoiding any burns.

        - Welding electrode remnants must be kept in Hazardous Material waste bin.

4.     Other Provisions

        - Worker executing the welding must be competent and experienced.

        - It must be supervised by field supervisor.